Social Media Marketing For Spring 2022

Social Media Marketing in 2023

The last two years have confronted us with many challenges. Businesses have found themselves up against new walls, and companies have had to rethink marketing strategies and tactics.

No one has a crystal ball to see the future, but many brands have already successfully adapted to the new normal and changed how they communicate with customers, clients and prospects.


If you want to compete and grow revenues throughout the year, you must understand current marketing trends and how you can successfully navigate them. At Merritt Marketing Group we can help your company gain an enduring audience and repeat customer base.

Customer experience is the secret ingredient of both a successful marketing strategy and a successful brand strategy.

After engaging with your business, what your customers feel can make or break your marketing campaign. That’s why storytelling is more important than ever. To win at social media marketing in 2023, you have to tell engaging and consistent stories using multiple marketing channels and social networks. While email campaigns and chatbots have been popular for many years, these are technical tactics that still require marketers to tell compelling stories.

Most businesses would benefit from spending more time improving their content to build a community, to be more conversational and personal. Talk to your customers and prospects and do this at their pace, not driven by your sales timeline. What does this mean for you, as a business owner?

Engage Customers and Prospects with Social Media Marketing 

To successfully market in 2023, you must find ways to engage customers and prospects. Among other things here are a few examples:

  • Build marketing campaigns based on carefully planned strategies.
  • Create high quality content that that tells memorable stories.
  • Don’t be pushy or sales-y.
  • Give your audience accurate, actionable information they can use in their daily lives.
  • Create educational content that helps your audience understand the products and services you offer and teaches them something actionable and valuable.

People Crave Authentic Interactions

If your brand fills this need earnestly and honestly, you will grow your business faster. Audience-focused marketing and advertising tailored to your target audience will become increasingly vital. This doesn’t only mean producing and sharing the right content. You must also know where, when, and how to share the content to stand out in the white noise of marketing and advertising.

Our team at Merritt Marketing Group have more than twenty years experience creating marketing campaigns for a wide variety of clients. It’s easy for business owners to be distracted by trends and fads. But some things are lasting and foundational. This is especially true with content. Content has dominated marketing for years because well-produced content is lasting and engaging. And, like everything else, content constantly evolves. People have become meticulous and selective about the content they read and share and the platforms they use. This shift in consumer behavior requires businesses to evolve and adapt to how they create, share, and promote content.

The economic windfall and volatility of the past few years have significantly changed how people behave online and their relationships with brands.

People are more discerning and critical of how companies and brands react to crises and treat employees and customers. And significantly, consumers prefer to buy products and services from socially responsible and conscious brands.

Marketing is rapidly evolving. New trends, technologies, social networks, and tactics require new strategies.

Business owners who adapt to these changes will thrive, even as 2023 brings continued changes.

What challenges are you facing with social media marketing this year?



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