We love working with entrepreneurs and small businesses. By leveraging our systems (some proprietary, some not), we strive to bring our clients the highest return possible for their hard-earned marketing dollars. Our goal is to produce interesting and educational content to boost awareness of their brand, products, services and overall vision. To create high-quality resources and digital content and to deliver them in the most cost-effective manner, using the flywheel marketing philosophy.

Dream Team
Mike Fairfield

Mike Fairfield Manager

Marketing and Sales. Inbound Marketing Strategist. Podcaster. Musician.
Steven Bauwens

Steven Bauwens Media

Video Production. Graphic Design. Web Design. Youtuber. Musician.
Rick Groenheyde

Rick Groenheyde Design

Graphic Design. Web Design. Publishing. Muscle Car Fanatic.
Laurie Turmel

Laurie Turmel Content

Content Writer. Event Planner. Furniture Painter. Vision Quester. Grandma.
Gerry Bakker

Gerry Bakker Tech

Mentor. Business Systems Strategist. Tech Support.
Kim Vizi-Carmen

Kim Vizi-Carmen Design

Creative Director. Graphic Designer. Publisher. Artist.
Glen Williams

Glen Williams Signage

Graphics. Signage. Print Products. Displays. Team Comedian. Motivator.


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